PNF and Movement 2021; 19(2): 287-301
Effects of Ground Obstacle Walking Combined with Treadmill Training on Gait Ability in Chronic Stroke Patients -A Preliminary Study-
Young-Il Jung, P.T., MSc.⋅Young-Keun Woo, P.T., Ph.D.1†⋅Jong-Im Won, P.T., Ph.D.1⋅ Yong-Wook Kim, P.T., PhD.1
Department of Rehabilitation Center, Dreamsol Hospital
1Department of Physical Therapy, College of Medical Sciences, Jeonju University
Correspondence to: Young-Keun Woo (
Received: July 22, 2021; Revised: August 9, 2021; Accepted: August 9, 2021; Published online: August 31, 2021.
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Purpose: Gait training for stroke patients focuses on adjusting to new environments to facilitate outdoor walking. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify the effects of various ground obstacle walking combined with treadmill walking on the gait parameters and functional gait ability of chronic stroke patients.
Methods: Twenty-four chronic stroke patients were divided into two groups: an experimental group (n = 12) and a control group (n = 12). The experimental group received a combined gait training using various ground obstacle walking and treadmill walking (VGOW) five times/week for four weeks. The control group received traditional treadmill training (TW) five times/week for four weeks. Patients were evaluated using the figure-8 walk test (F8WT) and the Functional Gait Assessment (FGA) before and after each intervention.
Results: The ANCOVA results showed that both treatments significantly influenced F8WT steps, F8WT time, and FGA score. The paired t-test results showed a significant improvement in F8WT steps, F8WT time, and FGA score in the experimental group compared to those in the control group.
Conclusion: Combined gait training using various ground obstacle walking and treadmill walking can improve gait ability in chronic stroke patients.
Keywords: Gait, Outdoor walk, Stroke, Treadmill, Various ground obstacle

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