PNF and Movement 2022; 20(1): 67-72
Comparison of Trunk and Lower Extremity Muscle Activities during Deadlift depending on Support Surface
Seyeon Jeong, P.T., M.Sc.1⋅Sangjun Son, P.T., M.Sc1.⋅Hyeongseok Lee, S.P.T.2⋅ Jeonghoon Lee, S.P.T.2⋅Jiwon Baek, S.P.T.2⋅Seongbin Yang, S.P.T.2⋅Wonjae Choi, P.T., Ph.D.3⋅SoungKyun Hong, P.T., Ph.D.4⋅Sunhae Song, P.T., M.Sc1⋅GyuChang Lee, P.T., Ph.D.2†
1Department of Physical Therapy, Graduate School of Kyungnam University
2Department of Physical Therapy, Kyungnam University
3Department of Physical Therapy, Joongbu University
4Department of Physical Therapy, Woosuk University
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Received: February 7, 2022; Revised: February 28, 2022; Accepted: March 2, 2022; Published online: April 30, 2022.
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Purpose: The aim of this study was to compare trunk and lower extremity muscle activity during deadlift on stable - and unstable surfaces.
Methods: Twenty healthy men participated in this study. The participants performed deadlift exercise on both a stable surface and an unstable surface. During the deadlift, the activities of the trunk and lower extremity muscle were collected by using electromyography.
Results: The results showed that the electromyographic activity of the gluteus maximus significantly increased during deadlift on an unstable surface compared to on a stable surface (p <0.05). However, in the electromyographic activities of the rectus femoris, biceps femoris, and erector spinae, there were no significant differences (p >0.05).
Conclusion: The finding that the electromyographic activity of the gluteus maximus increases significantly during deadlift on an unstable surface compared to stable one could be used to develop an efficient exercise program.
Keywords: Deadlift, Support surface, Muscle activity, Trunk, Lower extremity

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