PNF and Movement 2023; 21(3): 367-376
How Promoting Proprioceptive Exercises Affects Pediatric Cobb’s Angle
Jae-Man Yang, P.T., M.S.1†⋅Han-Wook Kang, M.D., B.S.2
1Department of Physical Therapy, KabulNoksan Hospital
2Department of Pediatric, KabulNoksan Hospital
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Received: November 20, 2023; Revised: December 3, 2023; Accepted: December 4, 2023; Published online: December 31, 2023.
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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare changes in pediatric Cobb’s angle resulting from using the modified scoliosis exercise method to promote proprioception.
Methods: There were 32 participants in this study. Cobb’s angle was measured automatically using a ZeTTA PACS Viewer through a digital computer program with whole-body x-ray anterior to posterior. Scoliosis was diagnosed by a Cobb’s angle of 10° or higher. Modified scoliosis exercises were used as the program for the three-stage method used in the study: the preparation phase (warm-up), actual exercise phase (main exercise), and final clean-up phase (cool-down). In this study, exercises that can promote proprioception, including muscle strengthening, stretching, equilibrium, myofascial release, balance taping, and traction, were applied, and their effects before and after treatment were compared. After implementing the exercise methods once a week―15 times total for about 4 months―the changes in Cobb’s angle were measured.
Results: After having the pediatric scoliosis patients practice the modified scoliosis exercises for four months, it was found that the Cobb’s angle of the spine significantly decreased.
Conclusion: The results of this study show that the modified pediatric scoliosis exercise, which is capable of promoting proprioception, is also effective in improving Cobb’s angle.
Keywords: Scoliosis, Proprioceptive, Pediatric, Elastictaping

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